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The team here at Accelerated Diesel Tuning have many years combined experience in both Remapping and the technical side and custom tuning. Most manufacturers calibrate their ECUs to optimise emissions,fuel economy,component longevity and safety,but this can also significantly limit overall performance.It is easier and cheaper for motor vehicle manufacturers to produce as few region-specific model variants as possible.Typically,pre-production prototypes are tested in a variety of extreme conditions,from Arctic sub zero to Death Valley desert heat,and one engine management map is developed with the necessary flexibility to average out all of those extremes. 
They are in other words a "one size fits all"solution. However,after customised software improvements across the board are invariably impressive,with a better power spread across the rev range,higher peak Torque developing lower engine speeds,better throttle response ,quieter and smoother idling and cruising. Usually a high performance tune will result in improved fuel economy,even under a full load.

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